Introducing Curiious IQ, our next generation learning ecosystem.

Curiious IQ empowers educators with next generation learning tools to deliver 21st century workforce skills to students. Using a combination of content and technology, our solution drives student outcomes for creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and emotional fitness.

Our ground-breaking emotional fitness program, Wise, arms educators with the skillset to deliver effective social emotional learning to students. The Creator’s Toolkit enables students creative freedom to create interactive stories that can be shared with the class in VR. For the most effective experience, the IQ Teacher’s Tablet allows seamless control of class-scale VR adoption.


Simplify your
classroom VR

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Data analytics captures student progress in live time, reducing the marketing time in your day

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Monitor and evaluate students with collaborative and individual challenges

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Guide attention and elaborate on concepts by annotating directly into the experience

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Control your whole classroom with the swipe of your finger

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Craft curriculum aligned lesson from our extensive range of experiences

Project-based learning with Curiious IQ.

Educator focused, student-led.

Curiious IQ is a learning space for students to investigate, design and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or set of challenges.

IQ is a dynamic classroom technology solution, designed to encourage critical thinking, creativity and collaboration amongst students to acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration.



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The Creator's Toolkit

The Creator's Toolkit is IQ's companion software that allows you to craft, create and explore your own virtual worlds.

Capture immersive scenes with the click of a 360 camera or create your own using 3D software. Add interactive layers such as text, video, image and audio hotspots. Teleport between scenes to creative interactive stories.

Other Curiious
learning solutions


Provide instructors and educators with an engaging training experience that offers complete control and transparency while reducing cost and risk.

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Emotional Fitness SEL

Leverage the power of SEL in VR to learn and practice emotional regulation skills in a safe and controlled environment.

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Primal VR

Explore the human structure with the world's most anatomically correct models. Learn about the human body in a way never before experienced.

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The Curiious IQ platform is proven to yield better results for students and teachers alike.

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