Primal VR

Primal VR has been developed with our close partner Primal Pictures. Using the world’s most anatomically correct models, we have created a VR experience that allows the user to explore and learn about the human structure in a way never before imagined.

Scale up and down, remove layers, isolate body parts and learn the correct pronunciation using the Primal VR system.


Anatomy made easier.

Anatomical learning literally at your fingertips with Primal VR.

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Access extensive information for each structure of the human form

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Highlight, isolate and inspect structures like never before possible

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Listen to the accurate pronunciation of each element of the structure

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Learn anatomy with the world’s most detailed model, brought to life in VR

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Increase recall by learning with the part of the brain that you use to perform actions or behaviors

Bring anatomy to life
with Primal VR

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