Emotional fitness:the key to success

Emotional fitness is the ability to self-regulate, to get the body and mind back to balance quickly. By enabling the emotional system to get back to balance, individuals who are emotionally fit can stay focused, think clearly and recover quickly from emotionally challenging situations.

Just like with physical fitness, maintaining emotional fitness requires daily healthy habits, effort, skills application and ongoing practice. From there, individuals can become skilled in whatever arena they are performing in: academic, social, work or personal relationships.

VR: democratising access to skills

Under an interactive Learn-Do-Teach methodology, the WISE Emotional Fitness module equips the individual with targeted skills practice to reinforce behavioral change.

Like learning to throw a ball or riding a bike, this method allows individuals to explore, experience and practice skills for managing emotions and navigating relationships.


Designed for impact

Wise uses an Inside-Out methodology which equips participants with the practical skills to build strong connections from themselves (Inside) to others and the world around them (Outside).

This is enhanced by the blended learning context whereby learning within virtual reality (Inside) is reinforced through the verbal and written self-reflective process, and teaching others the techniques (Outside).

By using the principles of behavior change, and reinforcing the development of self- awareness and the empowerment to make change within ourselves, we are then guided to be able to change how we interact with others and the world around us.

Build Core Competencies

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision Making
  • Growth Mindset
  • Autonomy
  • Collaboration
Declarative what to do
  • Step-by-step instructions inside and outside VR
  • Written rehearsal of learning
  • Self-reflection
Procedural how to do it
  • Skills are visually represented in VR
  • Auditory rehearsal of skill during VR
  • Written recap of steps in skill post VR
Conditional when and why
  • Application of skill to a real life situation
  • Immediate feedback on relevance of skill inside VR and through peer discussion
  • Information provided about why the skill is usuful

A proven approach

Using evidenced based approaches to facilitate social and emotional change.

The social and emotional life skills in WISE are derived from clinically proven and empirically tested approaches which facilitate social and emotional change. Behavioral change is achieved by learning, practicing and applying skills with a high degree of specificity in VR and then reinforcing those skills via teaching them to others outside of VR.

The Wise Team

This module was developed through collaboration between experts in education, psychology, virtual reality and animation.

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Natasha Davis
Natasha Davis

Clinical Psychologist, Lead SME

BSc(Hons), MPsychol(Clin)(Hons), MAPS, MAACBT, MACPA

James MacDiarmid
James MacDiarmid

Education Adviser

BA, BEd, MEd

Mick Hammell
Mick Hammell

Content Development Manager


Desiree W. Murray
Desiree W. Murray

Advisory Panel

BA Psych Ph.D Clinical Psych

Alhassan Susso
Alhassan Susso

Advisory Panel


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